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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Battle Wounds chapter 18 teaser!!

"My body froze as she took a step forward. Then another. My heart started to pound in my chest as she got closer and closer to me. Her tiny body seemed massive. She moved like a cat ready to pounce, and all I could do was stand there and pray that she wouldn't hug me."

Some pretty for ya.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Battle Wounds chapter 17 teaser!


"Do not enter. That meant so many things to me in so many different ways. Do not enter the room for it's a really shitty thing to do. Do not enter the cabinet that sat connected to the side of the desk. Do not enter the files that rested in the cabinet that sat connected to the side of the desk. Do. Not. Enter."

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letters to Isabella chapter 6 teaser!

"I did my best to please him how he wanted, never once questioning how he held me or how we touched. He fucked like an animal and I tried my best to keep up, panting and gasping for breath as he laid into me. I was honestly surprised by how rough he got. His exterior gentleness washed away and he turned devilish."

Because Rome Rob is my fave.... some pretty for you!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Battle Wounds chapter 16 teaser

"There were nights that I couldn't sleep, that the nightmares were so real I would wake up gasping for breath and fighting for my life. I would sit by my window and stare out at the stars and the glowing moon that illuminated the harsh world so brightly.

I would sit and watch, and listen to my father cry. Each sob that escaped him in the darkness of the night wound it's way down the hall, into my room, and embedded itself into my soul."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twilight Counsel

Thinking back to when I first found fanfiction, I realize now that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I started reading a story called Wide Awake, not having any clue that it would be the beginning of something amazing for me. I was hooked after the first paragraph and haven't looked back since!
There are a million and one things I have learned since I began reading and writing fanfiction. Some lessons I learned easily, others I figured out the hard way. I always wish I had someone there to talk to and understand what I was going through.
I've always been one to help people. I jump at the chance to help others when they need it, lending a supporting hand or a shoulder to cry on. When I heard about the Twilight Counsel I was thrilled, because it was just the kind of thing this fandom needs. I signed up immediately and now am waiting for a mentee.
Sooooo, are you new to the fandom? Maybe you're not new but feel like you need a buddy, someone to help guide you in the right direction of getting what you need? Do you have a hundred unanswered questions and feel like you are flailing? Are you confused as to what to read, where to go to talk and make fandom friends? Thinking about writing something yourself? Why not join the Twilight Counsel, and get assigned a mentor that will be there to support you and help you when you need it!!!

The Twilight Counsel

To angst or not to angst, that is the question.....

I finished How to Save a Life last night and was surprised that I was reduced to a puddle of mush, sobbing hysterically, by the end of the epilogue. The angst and heart fail that came from that story was shocking and completely unexpected!

My questions to you is.... do you dig the angst? Does the idea of a story leaving you emotionally strung out and desperate for more make you feel alive, or does it makes you want to stab yourself in the eye with a butter knife?

For me, I love the idea that a story can have such passion and emotion that can bring me to my knees. I love feeling the pain the characters go through deep down in my soul. It's not a good story if I haven't laughed, cried, AND choked back hysterical sobs.

Are you with me? Or are you Wussperv??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who ARE you??

I have met a pretty large amount of people in the Twilight fandom. I have come to know and adore most of them, sharing in both the good times and the bad. I was thinking about all of you on the car ride home tonight, and the funny conversations we've all had. You all know more about me than most people in RL do, and I cherish that!
It saddened me that even though I consider most of you to be my close friends, there are things about you that I know nothing about. Like your NAME for instance. Where you live, what you do, what makes you happy.
So here's my question.... who ARE you? What makes
I'll start....
Hi, *waves* I'm Amy (aka Writerinmydream)
I live in Massachusetts and I'm 28. Recently separated from the hubs, I now live in the basement of my parents house while I try to figure shit out. I'm having a quarter life crisis.
I found fanfiction on a random post on facebook and thank the friggin lord every day that I did. Without it, and you all, I'd be lost.
I'm sensitive and emotional, wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt very easily. I'm also snide and snarky, have a tough exterior and have a hard time letting people in. I will hold you tight until you finish crying, go to war with you if you need me and I'll never tell your secrets!
I have two cats, Bella and Chloe. They are my world and my children. I love them both dearly and would be devastated if I lost them.
This fandom means the world to me because without it and you all I would be sitting alone, in the basement, miserable. I have made friends I know will last a life time and mean more to me than much else!

Okay....your turn!!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm having one of those days, working on outlines for my stories, when things seem kind of.... lost. This picture always helps, so I thought I'd share!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Battle Wounds chapter 15 teaser

"You knew!" I screeched, pulling my arm away as he tried to grasp it. "You knew and you said nothing!"

I covered my face with my hands and wailed. I cried for what happened to me and the was I felt suddenly dirty both inside and out. I cried for my innocence, knowing that what they did to me would change me forever. I would never be the same. I cried for the way my father looked at me, and how he must feel, so ashamed of his tattered and ruined daughter.

My heart pounded restlessly, trying to rid itself of the pain that had settled there. The brevity of knowing weighed heavily. I felt as if I would suffocate from the memories.

"It wasn't for me to say, Bella. You had to remember it on your own. I'm sorry!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letters to Isabella chapter 5 teaser!

"The crowd parted and when they did what they had been hiding made my heart sink. I swallowed hard, willing myself to breathe as my widened from horror at what I saw.

Long, toned legs, a perfectly curved waist and luscious brown hair that hung in soft curls down her shoulders. I would know that body anywhere. I had studied it and dreamed of it from the first moment I laid my eyes on her.


Monday, April 26, 2010

I saw 100 Monkeys a few weeks ago. I'm just getting around to posting the pics now. I'm pretty fail at technology, so the videos are short. This one I love...well...because it's Jackson!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

What are you reading???

In an effort to find new and exciting fanfiction to read, I'm asking this question to all of my readers:

What are you reading and WHY do you like it?

There are so many stories in the Twilight fandom that go unrecognized because of their lack of reviews. Why not help eachother to find these hidden pearls and reccomend a few?? Since we are losing so many wonderful fics because they are ending or being pulled, it's high time we found a new set of crack-fics!

So please post what you are currently reading, have on your faves list or have heard about. Lets try to keep it to those fics that don't have a large number of reviews please!

I'll go first!

Ho-ly shit. This story is like nothing I have read before. It's the canon characters of Twilight, and they are secret agents working together in a group. There's assasinations, murder, fighting and some really shitty no fraternizing rules! It's hawt, hawt, HAWT! The sexual tension kills me every friggin chapter! Argh!
*If you want to check out this fic it's in my rec's section to the right!! Don't forget to review!!

Who's next???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anti-Valentines Day post....

For all of you Valentine's Day haters out there like myself.... here are some hawt pics of Jackson/Jasper for ya. These were quite the exciting discovery for me as my obsession with him is closeted! The cats out of the bag now I suppose. Jackson is my friggin hero, some days I'd rather him over Rob....yes, I sad it! Check the pics and you'll see why!!

Seriously? Please STOP being so fucking hot. Those eyes, that jaw line, that long fucking hair! Swoon!!

I'm pretty sure he's trying to kill me. See? Thats the Jasper I loved in Twilight that they fucked up in New Moon!!

And last but not least......


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Codename: Twilight

I've recently came across a new story over on fanfiction that I think it amazing! It's called Codename:Twilight.  Totally different plot line than anything I have ever read before! The author, secretaddict40, is very original in her descriptions and plot twists. Her characters have great backgrounds and personalities that will make for a very intruiging read! Please check it out!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thinking deep here....


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New additions to my fanfic recc's

I just wanted to quickly point out that I have added a few new stories to my list of reccomendations. Check them out!

Battle Wounds chapter 8 teaser!!!

I have only started to edit this chapter so a few things may change, so don't quote me word for word! But as it is, this is real. Enjoy!

She stopped talking and looked around nervously. She pulled her hands from her sides and clasped them tightly in front of her. I watched as she picked at her fingernails silently for what seemed like hours. Then she moved towards me and spoke.

“You are so withdrawn from people, so mean. I don’t know why but you don’t scare me anymore, you make me feel…safe.”

We were so close that all I had to do was lift my arms slightly to be able to reach her. I gripped her waist and pulled her to me. She let out a squeal as her body collided with mine. Her arms shot up and wrapped themselves around my neck, her fingers winding their way into my hair.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Exciting news!!

So I just wanted to let everyone know that both Battle Wounds and Blood Lust have been nominated for Twific Indie Awards! I am so excited and humbled to be included in the running with all these amazing authors! Please don't forget to vote!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Battle Wounds teaser!!

Here's a little tid bit from my next chapter of Battle Wounds. You are going to start to see some of Bella's issues start to come forward! It's going to be one hell of a ride!!  Enjoy!

He was angry and bitter. There hadn’t been a time I had seen him since I got to this school where he had been happy, or nice. But still, as much as half of me was scared and didn’t want anything to do with him, I felt something deep down in me that warmed at the thought of him.

The two sides of my heart battled each other as I sat at the table silently. Do I look up and face the man who was mean and cruel but I felt strangely attracted to or should I keep my head down and hope that he goes away?

I pulled my lip into my mouth and looked up, giving in to my curious side. When my eyes met his a stabbing pain tore through my chest and burned as it flowed down my spine and seared my lower back.

The face that I was expecting to see was not there. It had been replaced by the evil grimace of the man from my past. I paniced, knowing there was no possible way that he was here, in Forks, sitting in front of me.

Sounds good right? Watch out for it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blood Lust new chapter teaser!!

Here's a glimpse of what happens in chapter 15!

Everything faded into the surroundings as I watched Bella’s motionless body slump onto the floor. Angela’s piercing scream pulled me from my haze and I jumped from my seat.

“Emmett!” I screamed as I fell to my knees next to her. All the surrounding tables and chairs flew through the air as Emmett cleared a space out around us. I had no thoughts or feelings as I looked down at my Bella, with her eyes shut and her face as white as a ghost.

I pulled Bella into my arms and leapt onto my feet. I heard Angela shout as the teacher moved to step out of my way. I didn’t give a shit about what he or anyone else had to say, I was getting her out of here.

Just to brighten your day... (and mine!)

Um, yeah...there really are no words!!

This man belongs on Cape Cod with me!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


It's our responsibility as human beings to support others in their time of need. You can donate money by going to the Red Cross website below. Even if it's just 10 dollars, it can make a difference!!  DO IT!


A few updates...

I just wanted to make you all aware of some important things.....

First of all I'd like to wish my fab beta MaggieLoo402 on her next chapter of  Unbitten. Unbitten

I also want to tell you all that the next chapter of Risky Business is going to be coming very soon! I am waiting with baited breath!  Risky Business

There is a new story out in fanfiction land needing your attention! It's called Bedroom Confessions and it's going to be awesome! Trust me, I have the inside track!  Bedroom Confessions

Next order of business is my friend AydenMorgen, and her FFN Empty Planes and Pretty Things. It's an amazing story that should be read ASAP!!  Empty Planes and Pretty Things

Lastly, another new story by my buddy EverythingIDo, called Texts From Last Night. It freaking awesome! I'm serious!!  Texts From Last Night

All these fanfictions should be read, and FYI all the authors will review for review!!  DO IT NOW!!

If there is a god... I think this is him!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today is a sad day in the history of fanfiction...

One of my best girls has finished her fantastic fanfiction, When Worlds Collide.  :(   It's an amazing story that left me feeling good after every single chapter. It's a true story written about her (Bella) and how she met her husband (Edward). I am bummed it's over! So if you haven't read it, you should!! 

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New movie trailor for my second fave movie!! Yippie!

I an so friggin excited to have found this trailor today! I didn't even know it existed! Dear God, June 30 and now May 28th, I heart you both!!

Sex and the City 2

Dear Carlisle, can we play doctor??

New chapter of Blood Lust posted today!!

Hello all!

I just posted my newest chapter of Blood Lust today! Please go check it out and let me know what you think!!  -Amy

Blood Lust

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bad Day

Well, today has been pretty tough in the world of Blood Lust. Too many ideas, not enough ideas...can't get anything down on paper. So what do I do when I feel down? I look at a HOT GUY!!!  I do have to say that I'm pretty bummed at the selection of photos of Jasper on the web! Doesn't he know he should be half naked and tugging on his hair or something? Sheesh....