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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who ARE you??

I have met a pretty large amount of people in the Twilight fandom. I have come to know and adore most of them, sharing in both the good times and the bad. I was thinking about all of you on the car ride home tonight, and the funny conversations we've all had. You all know more about me than most people in RL do, and I cherish that!
It saddened me that even though I consider most of you to be my close friends, there are things about you that I know nothing about. Like your NAME for instance. Where you live, what you do, what makes you happy.
So here's my question.... who ARE you? What makes
I'll start....
Hi, *waves* I'm Amy (aka Writerinmydream)
I live in Massachusetts and I'm 28. Recently separated from the hubs, I now live in the basement of my parents house while I try to figure shit out. I'm having a quarter life crisis.
I found fanfiction on a random post on facebook and thank the friggin lord every day that I did. Without it, and you all, I'd be lost.
I'm sensitive and emotional, wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt very easily. I'm also snide and snarky, have a tough exterior and have a hard time letting people in. I will hold you tight until you finish crying, go to war with you if you need me and I'll never tell your secrets!
I have two cats, Bella and Chloe. They are my world and my children. I love them both dearly and would be devastated if I lost them.
This fandom means the world to me because without it and you all I would be sitting alone, in the basement, miserable. I have made friends I know will last a life time and mean more to me than much else!

Okay....your turn!!!!