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Monday, December 21, 2009

Somethin to talk about! Unbitten by maggieloo402

Well now kiddies, I got another great fanfiction just waiting for you to check out!

Unbitten:  Bella Swan, a 23 year old journalist, is sent back to her hometown of Forks to report on a recent murder. She meets Edward, a 24 year old doctor, and most importantly, a vampire. When she discovers his secret, they learn how much true love is worth.

It's a great fic that brings about mystery and alot of unanswered questions...stuff that keeps ya READ IT!!

New chapter of The Other Man!!

Beth Is Here just posted another chapter to her fabulous fanfic! We should be lucky because she posted two in two days. Let me just tell you that this chapter is FANTASTIC! You really need to check this story's a lovely lemon!!!

The Other Man

Hottie picture of the day!!

Every day I will be posting a new picture of a hottie for you all to enjoy! May or may not be Twilight related... but a hot guy is a hot guy right??  ENJOY!

New chapter posted today for The Other Man!!!

Alright people, here's the diggs on one of my new faves The Other Man...

Bella is married to Jasper, who is very rich, handsome and smart. He is seemingly perfect for her in every way. But something between them is missing, something she can easily find with another man thats very close by. It hot people! The author writes it so well that you'll be left on the edge of your seat and begging for more. Trust me, I am begging!! So read it, and review it...because she deserves it!  ;)