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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Who ARE you??

I have met a pretty large amount of people in the Twilight fandom. I have come to know and adore most of them, sharing in both the good times and the bad. I was thinking about all of you on the car ride home tonight, and the funny conversations we've all had. You all know more about me than most people in RL do, and I cherish that!
It saddened me that even though I consider most of you to be my close friends, there are things about you that I know nothing about. Like your NAME for instance. Where you live, what you do, what makes you happy.
So here's my question.... who ARE you? What makes
I'll start....
Hi, *waves* I'm Amy (aka Writerinmydream)
I live in Massachusetts and I'm 28. Recently separated from the hubs, I now live in the basement of my parents house while I try to figure shit out. I'm having a quarter life crisis.
I found fanfiction on a random post on facebook and thank the friggin lord every day that I did. Without it, and you all, I'd be lost.
I'm sensitive and emotional, wear my heart on my sleeve and get hurt very easily. I'm also snide and snarky, have a tough exterior and have a hard time letting people in. I will hold you tight until you finish crying, go to war with you if you need me and I'll never tell your secrets!
I have two cats, Bella and Chloe. They are my world and my children. I love them both dearly and would be devastated if I lost them.
This fandom means the world to me because without it and you all I would be sitting alone, in the basement, miserable. I have made friends I know will last a life time and mean more to me than much else!

Okay....your turn!!!!


  1. Hi! I'm Jeri aka jarielynn. I live in Florida and am 36 years old. I am a single mommy of 2, a 2yo girl (Alyssa) and a 5yo boy (Trevor) They are my life and everything I work for. Their dad is not a good guy, to say the least, so it's just us. I found fan fic while looking for BD outtake (I still think Steph has to have one out there somewhere) I thank Twilight and Rob for bringing my smile back... it was lost for awhile there. I am a little shy, but once I let loose there's no stopping me. I am certainly not shy about my obsession and blurt it out to everyone. I love Rob.. sigh.. really.. it's a bit scary. :) I only have a few friends. I am one to keep people close, not just hang out with them for the sake of hanging out. I admit to be terrible at keeping a secret, especially my own. I am tall with blonde hair, blue eyes and a big butt... LOL! I follow you on twitter, I think you are reading my story? Anyway.. I see all your story posts here and I will be sure to check them out. My fan fic list is becoming incredibly long.. as is this comment... so I will go now. Bye!

  2. Hi, I'm Suzanne aka edwardsisobel. I live in Queensland, Australia, 40, divorced with 2 teenage boys. I was very slow to get on the Twilight wagon thinking it was for teenage girls until I watched the movie with my sons 13yo girlfriend last August, then read the books, then found twific. The first fic I read was The List which is one of my alltime faves. By a twist of fate my validation beta over on Twilighted is now Laura Cullen. I started to fool around with a story idea and after writing 5 chapters got the guts to get a beta and post. Waiting to get comments from my beta and then reviews was completely nerve wracking and when it seemed like people liked my stuff I became completely addicted. COMPLETELY! Then one if my reviewers suggested I try out some contests.OMG my poor beta, suddenly I got word vomit. Poor kids - takeaway was a big expense that month. Anyway, justed to say hi, have become a big fan of your stuff when the fic title, Letters to Isabella caught my eye over on twitter.

  3. Hey! I'm Colleen or Leens on FF & Leenypoo on twitter.
    I'm from CT but live in Boston as I go to Northeastern University for Pharmacy school. I'm 21 and looooove to read FF (but not write). Especially smutty E/B :D I think Rob is ridic hot but I don't like how he looks as Edward, more him in photo shoots as himself. Gah so yummy. Kstew is also pretty freaking hot in photo shoots.
    I found FF through Gilmore Girls, then General Hospital, and now Twilight.
    I'm sarcastic & snarky but can get upset & cry pretty easily.
    I have a dog named Zoe or Zoco but she lives with my parents in CT so I only see her when I go home for a weekend or breaks.
    This is my week off before summer classes so off to read some more smut! :D

  4. Hi, I'm Jenn. I'm about to turn 34 and am happily married to my very own Hockeyward. I have 4 dogs and they are my kids, I even show my Pugs and am on the Board of Directors of my local Pug Dog kennel club.
    I have a really lame job that I won't bore you with. Suffice it to say I have the title Office Manager. How very droll.
    I've recently decided to go finish school and get my degree, majoring in creative writing all because of this fandom. So thank you, fandom and all the wonderful people I've met. I heart you, Writerinmydreams. <3

  5. I'm Misty aka sunnydon. I'm 31 married and a mother of two. I live about 10 minutes from downtown Portland, but I've never driven up to Forks:(
    It feels like so long ago that I started reading Twilight. There was a huge buzz here in Portland because of the filming. I found twific during a huge rough spot in my marriage. It was my refuge. So, for about nine months I went to twilighted or ff to escape my RL. It was my therapy when I had no one to talk to about my life.
    Nothing makes me happier then an author who talks back to her readers. :)

  6. I am so psyched you all have left comments!! It's awesome to hear more about you, since we all spend so much time together!! Thank you!!

  7. Hey loves! I'm Fallon aka Ayden. I'm 26 and live in Arkansas. I'm happily married. He's my Gentleward and has been my rock for half of my life. I can't imagine life without him.

    Five years ago, my entire life changed when my sister gave birth to a very sick little boy. I dropped everything to be there with him and my sister. Last year, he was well enough to no longer need all of us around the clock and my life changed once again. I had no clue what to do with myself once sis and the kids moved 60 miles away. It was a really bad time. That's when I found Twilight and fanfic. It kept me sane. I've spent the last year figuring it out all over again. Writing Empty Panes has been both therapy and complete agony; it hits close to home in so many ways.

    I'm compassionate to a fault. I cry easily and would save the entire world if I could. I cannot kill a bug without feeling like a bad human. I'm opinionated and love to debate. I talk way too much sometimes and live completely in my head at others. I laugh a lot, have serious road rage and dance constantly. I have no patience at all and can't handle cruelty of any kind. Goldfish have more common sense than I do most days. I'm a perfectionist and am way too hard on myself more often than not. The husband keeps me grounded but you guys keep me sane and I adore you for it. I have a thing for words, Rob, monks (seriously), shoes, hockey and fast cars.

    And this is way too long!!

  8. Hey you I'm Jessie aka jessabellew (because jessabell was taken) I am 34 and happily married for 14 years. I have four very naughty children who own me. I live in Oregon. Out in the middle of BFE..
    I am horrible at chating until you can get me started then I never shut up. I attribute that to my profession. I am a daycare provider. I need adult contact anyway I can get it but you have to force me to do it.
    I gotinto fanfiction becasue you can only read the twilight series so many times before you have them memorized and start calling your husband Edward and your children various other charater names. I am neck deep in it all now and have started to dabble in writing not sure where that's going. I am way to influnced by what I read and find myself doing things I only dreamed about before. like hte fact that inthe last 3 years I have gotten 28 tattoo's and thanks to other fics I have dove into body piercing. I just needed the push it was always there. I love just about any kind of fic but have a soft spot for badward gone good or hell badsper gone good even Badella gone good. okay I just like reformed bad twific charaters gone good. I love to laugh with twiter updates and ramble appearently. So I think I like slep know that it is almost 2 in the morning. Good night my sweet and see you on the flip side.

  9. I'm Leah, I'm 27, and I live in KY. I feel like I work all the time, and none at all, if that makes sense. I'm a school psychologist--I work with a lot of special needs kids. I also do some behavior consultation and counseling for the schools. Recently, I've began doing some contract work with comprehensive care for adolescents who have been sexually abused, some rape cases, and PTSD symptoms--online in an IM format. I also teach Into to Psychology and Developmental Psychology at the local community college. I love my work, but sometimes I feel like I'm too sensitive for it. When my (now three year old) daughter was born 11 weeks early, my entire life changed. I learned what the kind of fear and pain that rips your heart out of your chest and brings you to your knees feels like. No one should ever have to fall asleep wondering if your child would still be breathing when you woke up. Through that, my daughter taught me about life, love, and strength.

    I was in band in high school. Laugh it up. :) I turned down the chance to play music semi- professionally to go to school. When I was a kid, my biggest dream was to win a grammy. I was pretty convinced I was the white Whitney Houston. Um, not even close. I found Twilight just a little over a year ago, and haven't looked back.

    People think I'm shy, but I'm more reserved. It takes me a little longer to let people in completely. I love my friends (RL and online!) with my whole heart, and I'm fiercely protective of them. When I was 17, I donated bone marrow for my friend. I'm stubborn to a fault and get bitchy when things don't go my way. I have a quick temper and can't always control my gut reaction.

    I can rap big pimpin, most Nelly songs, and back that ass up. Others, I only know bits and peices. I totally sound gangsta in my head. I laugh loudly, and can't stop laughing when I hear someone else laugh. I love NASCAR. Football season is my favorite season--I'll go to any football game I can. I'm a UK fan--I bleed blue. I'm a complete shoe whore. I won't tell how many pairs I have, or how much I paid for my most expensive pair.

    Mine, too, is way too long!

  10. Hi! I am Lori aka dragonfly336. I just turned 34 and am a single mom of 2 girls, aged 4 and 5. They are Irish twins, and my youngest girl is Isabella Marie, who i have called Bella her whole life...This is a complete coincidence seeing that I only read Twilight for the first time in October. Anyway, the girls father is in idiot, and i have been raising them by myself, which is actually a good thing because I wouldn't want to have him as their male role model!
    Anyways, I work as a bookeeper for my father's business and am an avid photographer. I got into fanfic by reading one that was rec'd on was good but became totally hooked when my friend introduced me to smutty fic! Now i am addicted to fanfic..i really love angst. And I really want to try my hand at being a beta, but i am not a creative writer and most sites you have to be :(.
    As for me..i am very loyal, can keep your secrets, sarcastic, witty at times, always there for my friends when they need me and try to offer good advice, even if I don't follow it! I am so glad my friend intoduced me to the wonders of twitter and met a lot of awesome people!!

  11. Hi Amy,
    I'm Amie (aka amieforshort). I am 45 and married, with a 7 yo son, James. I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling Mom for the present, but have been in retail management for the majority of my adult life (mostly video stores). We have 2 dogs, 4 birds, a turtle, and a snake to round out our family. We live in Florida, going to theme parks is our family pastime, so I often mention them.

    I got into fanfiction after reading Charlaine Harris' SVM series, and wanting to read more. After searching out and reading some SVM fanfiction, and seeing references to Twilight, I decided to give those books a try. The books were okay, but the Twifics hooked me. I have been reading ever since.